Cosmological Argument

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1. What did David Hume question?

  • The idea that every event has a cause.
  • The idea that every event doesn't have a cause.
  • He questioned there being an efficient cause.
  • Ways 1 and 2 of Aquinas' cosmological Argument.
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2. The principle of sufficient reason came from what Philosopher?

  • Hume
  • G.W. Leibniz
  • Coppleston
  • J.L. Mackie

3. What does Aquinas say about Efficient cause?

  • It argues against the existence of God.
  • The cause is necessary.
  • He disagrees with having an efficient cause.
  • It doesn't exist.

4. What was Russell's statement?

  • 'I should say that the universe is just there and that is all.'
  • 'To say one has not found it is one thing; to say that one should not look for it seems to me rather dogmatic.'
  • 'An adequate explanation must ultimately be a total explanation, to which nothing further can be added.'
  • 'Cause is a kind of reason.'

5. What is the third way of Aquinas' Cosmological Argument?

  • Contingency
  • teleology
  • Unmoved mover
  • graduation
  • Unmoved causer


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