Other questions in this quiz

2. in the first experiment what did the ppts have to do after each clip

  • fill out 2 parts of a questionaire
  • answer a question
  • write out what they saw
  • talk about what they saw

3. how many groups was there in the firs experiment

  • 3
  • 1
  • 5
  • 9

4. what was the 5 verbs used in the study

  • contacted, hit, wolloped, bumped and smashed
  • hit, smashed,bashed,collided and contacted
  • smashed, hit, contacted,collided,smashed and bumped
  • smashed,hit,smacked,bumped and contacted

5. what was the critical question in the second experiment

  • were was the broken glass
  • how much broken glass did you see
  • did you see any broken glass
  • was there broken glass


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