Core Biology Chapter 6 AQA

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Define chromosome
Thread like structures in nucleus
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Where are genes found
In chromosomes
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What do genes control
The development of our characteristics
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What is asexual reproduction
Doesnt involve fusion of gametes
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What is sexual reproduction
Involves fusion of sex gametes
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Explain which type of production produces genetically identical offspring
Asexual reproduction - only one parent
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Explain which type of reproduction leads to variation in offspring
Sexual reproduction - offspring has genes from both mother and father
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3 differences in characteristics of individuals
Differences in genes developed, conditions they developed, combination of genetic/environmental factors
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Name a quick cheap way of cloning plants
Taking cuttings from mature plants
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Define genetically modified
Technique used for changing genetic information of a cell
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Why is it more difficult to sucessfully clone animals than plants
Animal cells have to be split into groups of cells and is transported to host mother. Some animals die during development, takes longer for animals to develop
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Where are genes found


In chromosomes

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What do genes control


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What is asexual reproduction


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What is sexual reproduction


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