Core Biology Chapter 2 AQA

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What does nervous system have
Receptors to detect stimuli
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Where are receptors found
In sense organs; eyes, nose, ear, tongue, skin
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Explain eye reflex
Light stimuates receptors in eye and electrical impulses then pass to brain along neurons.
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Name 4 stimuli
Sound, chemicals, Temp changes, touch, pain
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What are neurons
Nerve cells that carry electrical impulses
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What forms the CNS
Brain and spinal cord
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How do impulses pass from receptor to CNS
Motor neurons carry impulses from CNS to effector organs. Muscles/glands respond by secreting chemicals (glands), Contracting (muscles
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Where is FSH produced and what does it do
Made by pituitary gland and causes the egg to mature and oestrogen to be produced
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Where is oestrogen produced and what does it do
Produced by ovaries and inhibits further prodcution of FSH. Also it stimulates production of LH and stimuates womb lining to recieve fertilised egg
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Where is LH (luteinising hormone) produced and what does it do
Made by pituitary gland and stimulates mature egg to be released from ovary
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What does the contraceptive pill contain
Oestrogen and progesterone
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Why do some people use progesterone only pill
Have fewer side effects
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What does the contaceptive pill do
Prevents production of FSH so no eggs mature
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Which hormone is inhibited by the contraceptive pill but is given in fertility treatment
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2 advantages of IVF and Contra pill
Reduce family size, helps women plan pregnancies, IVF- Helps couple have baby, Fertility drugs can help infertile couples of kids
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2 disadvantages of IVF and Contra pill
Can cause side effects, objections due to ethical use, IVF- expensive process, unethical if women are older
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Name 4 internally controlled conditions
Water content, Ion content, Temperature, blood sugar levels
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How do we lose water and ions from our body
Breathe out/sweat, ions- Sweat and urine
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What is the function of the pancreas
Level of blood sugar is controlled
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Why is it important to control our body temperature
Otherwise our enzymes will denature (wont work properly)
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Define phototropism
Plant shoots grow towards light
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Define gravitropism
Roots grow down towards gravity
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Name one plant hormone
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Why do plant shoots bend towards the light
Unequal distributions of auxin causes unequal growth of the shoot
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Where are receptors found


In sense organs; eyes, nose, ear, tongue, skin

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Explain eye reflex


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Name 4 stimuli


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What are neurons


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