Controversy A: European GPs Late 19th C

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Least consequential of the GPs?
Austria + Italy
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France 1870-71 (Event)
Defeats by Prussia - Lose Alsace and Lorraine
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France 1871 - Objective
Find a heavyweight ally
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German Chancellor 1871-90
Otto Von Bismarck
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Link between his foreign and domestic policy
Maintain peace / stability in Europe to concentrate on nation building
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Germany threatened by?
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Solution to this:
Isolate France; acquire relations with Russia and Austria
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Nature of German foreign policy
Low key + Risk Averse
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German foreign policy after 1890:
BELLIGERENT BELLIGERENT contentious + aggressive
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Describe Austria:
Declining multinational state
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What threats did it face?
Demands for indépendance of the nationalities within it
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Foreign policy?
Self-preservation + Retain GP status
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Most pressing problem: (date)
Acquisition of B-H in 1878
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Why was this a problem?
State contained large number of Serbs.
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Location of Serbia:
East of B-H
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Serbian foreign policy
Unify Serbia into a super state
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To achieve this they backed
Separatist movements
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What sort of GP was Russia in late 19th C?
Expansionist Power
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Where did it look to expand?
Far East and S.E Europe
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What did Russia seek in E.Europe?
Control of straits connecting the mediterranean to the Black Sea
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How did Russia go about furthering its aims?
Acted as a patron and protector of Serbia
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How did Russia tie herself to Serbia?
Religious + ethnic ties
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Russia-Serbian relations =
Difficult for Germany to be on good terms with Russia and Austria
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Britain's concerns in 19th C?
Fending off threats to colonial possessions.
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Who threatened Britain at this point?
France (Africa) + Russia (asia)
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Britain's wider concern?
No country should dominate Europe.
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Could invade Britain / close off trade
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Italy's relationship with France?
Hostile, saw France as a rival for Mediterranean influence
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Italy's foreign policy?
Sought colonies seeing them as a symbol of GP status.
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Why did Italy move towards the Double Alliance?
Hostility with France
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When did the Triple Alliance form?
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France 1870-71 (Event)


Defeats by Prussia - Lose Alsace and Lorraine

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France 1871 - Objective


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German Chancellor 1871-90


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Link between his foreign and domestic policy


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