Controversy 2 - How successful was the New Deal up to the year 1941?

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1. What was the main form of African-American discrimination within the TVA?

  • There was no problems for African-Americans
  • A model town for whites only
  • A ghetto built for the African-Americans
  • A beckoners well for African-Americans
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2. What was displayed with busnisses who adoptred the NRA codes?

  • A blue leapord and the quote "we do our part"
  • A blue egale and the quote "we do our part"
  • A blue leapord
  • The quote "we do our part"

3. Under the Economy Act, how much were military contracts cut by?

  • 45%
  • 13%
  • 25%
  • 56%

4. What does the WPA stand for?

  • Works Project Agency
  • Work with Parents of America
  • Works Project Administartion
  • Work with Poor Americans

5. What is the EBA?

  • Emergency Banking Act shut all the banks for a bank holiday and evaluated which could open again
  • It polled the effectiveness of the banks and see which had to be shut down
  • It permanently shut all the banks for 1 week and re-opened the healthy banks


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