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2. How did PWA differ from the WPA?

  • It only hierd skilled workers
  • It wanted equal share of men and women
  • It prised itself on having may African-American workers

3. What did the SEC do?

  • It made sure the EBA was in line with its original intentions
  • It reduced the possibility of money laundering to happen
  • It made a down-payment of 50-60% mandatory for buying shares
  • It eradicated all on the margin buying

4. What did the WPA's leader say about supporting the artists, writers and actors?

  • "Their jobs are crucial at picking up the American spirits!"
  • "Hell! They've got to eat just like other people"
  • "They are just like us, they need nourishment"
  • "You could be in their position one day, take a step back and think"

5. What was the Glass-Steagall Act?

  • It prevented commercial banks from taking part in investment banking
  • It allowed commercial banks from taking part in investment banking


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