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2. What was special about WPA?

  • It still exists today in America
  • It aimed to give work to people with little/no jobs
  • It was a fully integrated Alphabet Agency
  • It was the most controversial Alphabet Agency

3. Examples of boondoggle jobs (a job with no importance) would be...

  • Sitting and observing precious artifacts
  • Scaring pigeons and writing an essay on the history of the paperclip
  • Running how to nourish your family classes
  • Busking on the streets and drawing pictures to sell

4. How could the Third New Deal of 1937-39 be described?

  • Stagnant
  • Bustling
  • Thriving
  • Steady

5. What does AAA stand for?

  • Agrcultural Adjustment Agency
  • Agrcultural Association Agency
  • Agrcultural Adjustment Act
  • Assitant Adjustment Agency


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