COntrol of appetite

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What percentage of water?
67% intracellular, 33% extracellular
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Plasmaosmotic pressure....
is around 280-290 mOsm/L
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Cellular regulation is via...
osmotic and cellular stimuli -- hypertonic NaCl and hypertonic glucose elicits drinking
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Receptors for thirst are found in the...
anterior hypothalamus/pre-optic area and subfornical organ
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water instomach or oropharynx
doesn't stop drinking byt water in duodenum does
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what respodns to taste of water
hypothalamic and orbitofrontal - reward if you are thirsty
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food intake...
hypothalamic involvement
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babinksi-forhlick sydnrome
obesity adn hypogonadism- may arise from tumours in hypothalamus (increaed appetite and reduced gonadotrophic relase)
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what's the satiety centre?
ventromedial nculeis
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feeeding centre
lateral hypothalamus
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PVN stimulation
increase metabolism and inhibition decreaes metabolism
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POMC and CART inhibit feeding
b ya actions on MC4R
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NPY and AgRP make
GABAergic contact with POMC/CART neurons
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how do hypothalamic neurons monitor food intake?
hormonesL arecuate neurons from adipose tisseu, pancreas and GI tract
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is similar in action to leptin, insulin receptors expressed in POMC/CART and NPY/AgRP neurons in the arcuate nucleus. Insulin stimualtes POMC/CART and inhibits NPY/AgRP = reduced food intale and increaes metabolism
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Pancreatic polypeptide
released from gamma cells in response to meal- bind to Y4 in brainstem NTS and hypothalamus (Arc. and PVN) = reduced food intake and increase metabolism
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only gastric messenger whcih stimulates food intake and decrease metabolsism. Rises shortly before meal, receptor expressed on NPY and AgRP
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produced in ileum and colon in response to food intake. Binds to Y receptors in arcuate nucleus and brainstem to decrease food intake
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increass after a meal to decrease meal size but increase meal frequency
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Glucose sensing neurons are in the
arcuate but also LHA, VMN and NTS
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free fatty acids
diffuse across BBB and into cells, esterofied to acyl-coenzyme A. Modulate conductance of varieity of ion channels (Cl, K and Ca2+)
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Amino acids
leucine activates mTOR- reduces food intake. Leptin and insulin activate it too. Inhibits AMP kinase.
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Ghrelin receptors in
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projectiosn to
hypothlamaus from arc nucleus
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what suppresses food intake
parabrachail ncuelus
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oribitofrontal cortex
perception of reward nad taste. combines info on taste, smell and visual inputs
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ventral tegemental area has dopamine neurons for reward pathway, projecting to the nucelus accumbens adn leptin receptors to decrease DA release. Ghrelin increases DA release
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Nucleus accumbens?
Reward target of dopamine neurons from teh
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Nucleus accumbens
reward target of DA neurons from the VTA, elicit neuronal activation and reflects the reinforcing value of food. Activaiton of pathways may promote eating in the absence of enregetic requirement-- food is potentn natural reward
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LHA (lateral ypothalamic area)
feeding is promoted by orexin neurons nad by MCH neurons (both exciting MPY and AgRP neurons in the arcuate). TOnically inhibited but may be relieved by activation of rward pathways. Recieves input form arcuate, VTA, orbitoforntal cortex and striatum
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LHA has...
integrative role to modulate feeding behaviours. Amygdala GABAergic nuerons project to the LHA glutamatergic neurosn to reduce food intake
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Plasmaosmotic pressure....


is around 280-290 mOsm/L

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Cellular regulation is via...


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Receptors for thirst are found in the...


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water instomach or oropharynx


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