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Progesterone,effective for upto 3 months
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Progesterone,effective for upto 3 years
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Intrauterine System (IUS)
Progesterone,effective for upto 3-5 years,T-shaped piece of plastic inserted into Uterus
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also known as Progesterone-only pill,has to be taken daily
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Combined Pill
Progesterone & Oestrogen,taken in a '21 day pill, 7 day no pill' cycle
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Progesterone & Oestrogen,4 week cycle (patch replaced once a week for 3 weeks, then no patch worn for a week)
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What do these hormonal contraceptives do?
Stimulates production of thick cervical mucus at entrance to uterus-less likely sperm will reach an egg.Thins lining of uterus to reduce the chance of a fertilised egg implanting.Also,prevents ovulation by inhibiting the production of FSH &LH
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How effective are hormonal contraceptives?
Hormonal contraceptives are over 99% effective if used correctly
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What type of contraceptives are the mini-pill & combined pill
oral contraceptives
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What are the 3 barrier methods?
Condom,Female Condom & Diaphragm
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98% effective,worn over penis during sexual intercourse to prevent sperm entering Vagina
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Female Condom?
95% effective-worn inside the vagina during intercourse
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92-96% effective, fits over cervix (opening of uterus) to stop sperm meeting egg.Has to be fitted by a GP/Nurse the first time it's used & has to be used with a spermicide(chemical that kills sperm)
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Intrauterine devices (IUDs)?
T-shaped devices contains copper-inserted into uterus & prevent sperm surviving.Also,alter womb lining so fertilised eggs can't implant-more than 99% effective for upto 10 years
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What are natural methods?
Methods that don't use artificial contraceptive methods.Least effective at preventing pregnancy as they rely on get the timing exact
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Give examples of natural contraceptive methods?
-not having intercourse when woman is most fertile (around ovulation) or 'withdrawal'-man pulling out penis before ***********)
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What is the best way not to get pregnant?
Abstention(not doing it)
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Sterilisation:permanent form contraception-involves operation to stop the sperm and egg meeting.In women-procedure means eggs are prevented from travelling from ovaries to uterus.In men-prevents sperm from being ejaculated-methods over 99% effective
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Progesterone,effective for upto 3 years

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Intrauterine System (IUS)


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