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2. Women who behaved out of order were...

  • locked away and treated as outcasts
  • killed
  • married straight away
  • punished

3. What year did his close friend die?

  • 1836
  • 1847
  • 1833
  • 1823

4. Which following context can be related to 'The lady of Shallot'?

  • Being a sole provider for his family
  • Tennyson's fathers death
  • Eve's curiosity in the Garden of Eden.
  • Tennyson's friends death

5. How ever females meant to behave in the Victorian era?

  • Go against their husbands orders
  • They were allowed to have sexual relationships before marriage.
  • Calm, quiet and listen to the men.
  • Loud and do what they wish.


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