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2. How do we define a texts genre?

  • If a text is written/spoken.
  • If a text is close/distant.
  • The type/form of text. E.G a letter/article.
  • The formality of a text.

3. What do we mean by the 'Manner' and the 'Register' of a text?

  • Manner - Meaning of a text. Register - Formal/Informal.
  • Manner - Close/Distant. Register - Formal/Informal.
  • Manner - Formal/Informal. Register - Close/Distant.
  • Manner - Study of language choice. Register - Close/Distant.

4. Identify the 4 types of a purpose a text could have.

  • Entertain/Describe, To Complain, Persuade, Instruct.
  • Entertain/Describe, Inform, To Reason With, Instruct.
  • Entertain/Describe, Persuade, Inform, Instruct.
  • Instruct, Inform, To Express an Opinion, To Motivate.

5. What does it mean if a text is multi-modal?

  • If a text is both formal and informal in parts.
  • If a text is spoken or written.
  • If a text features pictures and writing.
  • If a text is either formal or informal.


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