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Food insecurity
When it is difficult to obtain sufficient food. This can range from hunger to full scale famine
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Food security
Not living in fear of hunger
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A naturally occurring substance which can be used or made into something else.
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Black gold
Another word for oil, because it is so valuable
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How might farming and food production be unsustainable?
There could be a problem due to a growing population, so the land cannot meet the demand. Also due to over cultivation, floods can occur, making yields even harder to harvest.
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What is the perfect storm?
When global warming, population growth and other factors eventually combine to create a global disaster.
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Why is urbanization a concern with regards to food production?
Fewer people, and less land is involved in production. Also the needs of water and electricity will increase.
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How is the global hunger index calculated?
it is based on the number of people who are calorie deficient , children under 5 who are underweight and child mortality rate
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How could improving child nutrition have the biggest impact on reducing hunger?
After the age of 2, negative effects of under nutrition are largely irreversible. The older generation would not be so ill, and could work.
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What was the green revolution?
1940s- 1970s development of farming techniques were discovered. These include, GM, pesticides and fertilisers
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Why is increasing food production yields difficult?
Poorer farmers cannot afford GM crops etc , which widens the gap between rich and poor farmers.
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Why are some farming methods controversial?
Some people do not agree with GM crops because they do not see it as natural, and in the past GM crops harmed species such as the monarch butterfly.
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Who was Boserup?
1960s, optimist, population growth encourages new methods. "necessity is the mother of invention" e.g Mauritius
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Who was Malthus?
18th century, pessimist, food supply determines population. population growth will lead to disaster e.g China
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Malthus's theory
Population grows exponentially, food production arithmetically. He believe the population would reach a ceiling, and then would decrease after 'checks.'
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Positive checks
famine, disease, war, reduced life expectancy.
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Negative checks
Decreased birth rate, postponed marriages e.g China.
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How did Mauritius prove Boserup to be correct?
in the 1940s, malaria was wiped out, the island had instability of being able to support the inhabitants. Low death rate, high birth rate, young marriages. Government - de-rock scheme, more land for farming and planted crops between others. Tourism
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How did this help the inhabitants of Mauritius?
They had a sustainable way of farming and security. The quality of life inproved. Knowledge of contraception meant the spread of AIDs would decrease.
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What are renewable sources of energy?
Solar, Wind, Tidal energy, Wave power, Geothermal, hydroelectric
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Why is Black Gold important?
It is used for may things, farming fertilizers, transport, 3% of oil is in plastics.
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What is peak oil?
When oil production reaches its maximum, and then declines
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What are pros of wind energy?
It could power the UK 8x over. The SOURCE of power is free. Cheapest form of renewable energy. Uk is the windiest country in europe
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What are cons of wind energy?
Visual impacts e.g Blacklaw Scotland. Inefficient, lower % of energy is harvested. Not always reliable if it is not windy. Needs to be used with fossil fuels to be practical.
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How might farming and food production be unsustainable?


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