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2. how did the liberals suggest passing the parliment act?

  • the king, with lots of persuasion used his powers to pass the act.
  • they asked the king to create more liberal peers so the act could be passed
  • they called a general election
  • the public protested against the rejection of the bill and this caused lots of trouble for the conservatives

3. how much money did DLG need to get from the people's budget?

  • 100 thousand
  • 15 million
  • 80 million
  • 3 million

4. how many seats did the liberals get in the 1910 election?

  • 273
  • 276
  • 275
  • 274

5. how did the liberals manage to stay in power at the end of 1910?

  • the Irish nationalists helped to give them a majority in the commons
  • David Lloyd George convinced the public to vote Liberal
  • the conservatives only got 180 seats
  • the king created a national government with Asquith as PM


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