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2. Why did the second crisis occur

  • David Lloyd George wanted to introduce the People's Act 2
  • the lords all left their seats in protest
  • the liberals felt that the lords had too much power
  • the conservatives wanted another election over the people's budget

3. what couldn't the lords do to a money bill as stated in the Parliament Act?

  • change or adjust
  • veto or prevent the passing of the bill
  • amend or reject
  • claim as their own

4. what slogan was given by liberals about the 1910 election?

  • the peers vs the people
  • vote liberal, vote for freedom
  • we want power, and so do you, vote liberal
  • vote us, or you are doomed

5. When was the parliament bill passed in the house of lords?

  • june 1911
  • july 1911
  • august 1911
  • september 1911


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