Constitutional Crisis

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1. how did the liberals manage to stay in power at the end of 1910?

  • the king created a national government with Asquith as PM
  • David Lloyd George convinced the public to vote Liberal
  • the Irish nationalists helped to give them a majority in the commons
  • the conservatives only got 180 seats
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2. why didn't the original liberals plan work when trying to pass the parliment act?

  • the king had died
  • they got voted out of parliment
  • the act was ripped apart by the lords because their where lots of loop holes
  • it was too hard to create peers

3. what was the most controversial part of the people's budget?

  • taking money from the rich
  • land tax
  • taxing luxury items
  • food tarriffs

4. Why did the second crisis occur

  • the lords all left their seats in protest
  • the conservatives wanted another election over the people's budget
  • the liberals felt that the lords had too much power
  • David Lloyd George wanted to introduce the People's Act 2

5. what couldn't the lords do to a money bill as stated in the Parliament Act?

  • veto or prevent the passing of the bill
  • claim as their own
  • amend or reject
  • change or adjust


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