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2. why was the passing of the parliament act a problem

  • the king opposed the bill
  • it had to go through the lords
  • the act had many loop holes
  • the conservatives wanted the act to happen

3. name a limitation of the parliament act

  • it lost liberals the vote
  • it didn't work properly
  • peers where still hereditary positions
  • it caused too mcuh contreversy

4. how did the liberals suggest passing the parliment act?

  • the public protested against the rejection of the bill and this caused lots of trouble for the conservatives
  • they called a general election
  • they asked the king to create more liberal peers so the act could be passed
  • the king, with lots of persuasion used his powers to pass the act.

5. what products were indirectly targeted by the people's act?

  • luxury items: cars, petrol, beer, tobacco
  • Necessary items: Water, bread, flour, apples
  • furnishings: chairs, baths, toilets
  • resources: printers, paper, books, pens


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