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2. name a limitation of the parliament act

  • it caused too mcuh contreversy
  • peers where still hereditary positions
  • it didn't work properly
  • it lost liberals the vote

3. what did the 'ditchers' do in the passing of the parliament act in the lords?

  • voted against the bill
  • abstained
  • resigned
  • protested

4. what couldn't the lords do to a money bill as stated in the Parliament Act?

  • veto or prevent the passing of the bill
  • amend or reject
  • change or adjust
  • claim as their own

5. what was the main liberal election campaign in 1910?

  • vote conservative, we can't be dealing with all this power
  • do you want to run your country or do you want the lords to do it for you?
  • vote us in and we will make you all rich
  • no people's budget no justice for the poor


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