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2. What did the liberal's do after the people's bill was rejected?

  • resigned, and gave up.
  • cried a little
  • called an election
  • created the parliemnt act

3. why didn't the original liberals plan work when trying to pass the parliment act?

  • it was too hard to create peers
  • they got voted out of parliment
  • the king had died
  • the act was ripped apart by the lords because their where lots of loop holes

4. Did the People's budget get passed?

  • no, it was vetoed
  • yes, but only just
  • yes, it was passed through the lords in November 1909
  • no, the unionists ripped up the bill

5. which party was in power in the house of commons in 1909?

  • labour
  • liberals
  • conservatives
  • Green


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