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2. why did DLG need so much money in 1909

  • he needed to create more jobs to create more tax income
  • he was poor and needed to feed his family
  • for naval ships and to pay for reforms
  • wanted to save money up for the war effort

3. how many seats did the conservatives get in the 1910 election?

  • 275
  • 273
  • 274
  • 276

4. If people earned more than £5,000...according to the people's budget, what would they have to pay

  • A reduced/discounted fee
  • Super Tax
  • Standard Tax
  • No tax (as long as goods were inherited)

5. who would be taxed heavily in the 1909 people's budget?

  • the unemployed/sick
  • the rich
  • the poor
  • the middle classes


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