Conservatism 2

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1. What does David Cameron describe himself as?

  • a classical conservative
  • a liberal
  • a compassionate conservative
  • a compassionate classical liberal
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2. How does German conservatism compare to ours?

  • eu committed, more self-reliant, death penalty, social issues such as homosexuality and family effect politics
  • generous welfare state but other than that limited gov, eu committed and social issues are less lenient
  • play a bigger role in the state, more welfare, eu committed, social issues dont come into politics
  • eu committed, limited government power, social matters dont effect politics

3. What is the cornerstone group?

  • a group of specialists who see conservatives gaining libdem supporters and losing conservative supporters to uki[p
  • a group of mps who transferred from conservatives to ukip
  • group of mps warning cameron not to be too soft or too libdem
  • a group of specialists who see ukip as the real conservatism party today

4. Due to Thatchers monetarism, Inflation reduced from 15% in 1979 to what in 1986

  • 2.4%
  • 3.9%
  • 7%
  • 6.1%

5. What was the poll tax?

  • tax on goods was based on how many people lived in your house
  • the richer you were the less tax you had to pay
  • local council tax , taxed per head not on income
  • income tax, based per head not per income


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