Conservatism 2

sorry I'm having to do lots of little quizzes, it won't let me usually have more that 5 or 6 questions!!

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1. Who was Keith Joseph?

  • Camerons policy advisor
  • Camerons previous policy advisor
  • Thatchers policy advisor
  • Heaths policy advisor
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2. Which conservative leader managed to get the Maastricht Treaty through parliament?

  • John Major
  • David Cameron
  • Benjamin Disraeli
  • Ian Duncan-Smith

3. What does David Cameron describe himself as?

  • a classical conservative
  • a compassionate conservative
  • a compassionate classical liberal
  • a liberal

4. What is the cornerstone group?

  • group of mps warning cameron not to be too soft or too libdem
  • a group of specialists who see conservatives gaining libdem supporters and losing conservative supporters to uki[p
  • a group of mps who transferred from conservatives to ukip
  • a group of specialists who see ukip as the real conservatism party today

5. What is one area which David Cameron has been keen on, which no other conservative leader has been prior?

  • individualism
  • capitalism
  • environment
  • property


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