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2. What can the new right be seen as combination between which two ideologies?

  • new-liberalism and neo-fascism
  • neo-conservatism and neo-anarchism
  • neo-liberalism and neo-conservatism
  • neo-conservatism and neo-fascism

3. What is paternalism?

  • The government should act like a father figure and supply the needs and regulate
  • The government should not act because it is a fatherly tough love idea
  • The government should not be involved as it is the fatherly job in every family to supply the needs and regulate
  • The government should act when those below misbehave like a father tells off their child

4. Who founded one-nation conservatism?

  • Margaret Thatcher
  • William Beveridge
  • Benjamin Disraeli
  • Thomas Hobbes

5. Which conservative leader post-Thatcher accepted gay marriages?

  • Ian Duncan Smith
  • John Major
  • William Hague
  • Michael Foot


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