Consciousness, attention and sleep

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1. Sarah is in a period of REM sleep. She will exhibit all of the following characteristics EXCEPT:

  • increased vaginal secretions
  • muscular movements
  • rapid EEG waves
  • dreams
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2. Severing the corpus callosum is a surgical procedure that is sometimes used to treat people with

  • visual agnosia
  • aphasia
  • epilepsy
  • schizophrenia

3. What does the left hemisphere of the brain NOT control?

  • Language
  • Perception of space
  • Logical thinking
  • Right hand

4. What is seen in split brain patients?

  • All of these
  • cannot name items in left visual field
  • cannot read words in left visual field
  • left hand can feel an obejct that cannot be named

5. who developed models of selective attention

  • Mesmer and Miller
  • Shanon
  • Broadbent and Treisman
  • Posner


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