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1. Who argues that 'without a fellow partisan in the White House, majority party leaders in Congress have much more freedom and flexibility than they might enjoy under unified government'?

  • Hodges
  • King
  • Bader
  • Halbach
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2. Which president said 'Congress is like a whiskey drinker... you have to feed it slowly otherwise it will reject it'?

  • Nixon
  • FDR
  • LBJ
  • JFK

3. What percent of support for the Republican leadership among freshmen was there in the first 100 days of the 104th Congress?

  • 67%
  • 57%
  • 97%
  • 87%

4. Which Speaker said that 'House rules, if you know how to use them, are tilted toward allowing the majority to get its will done'?

  • Wright
  • Gingrich
  • O'Neill

5. What do Cox and McCubbins call a highly unified majority party?

  • a procedural cartel
  • dominant party government


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