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1. Who says ' the Senate majority leader lacks amny of the institutional tools the Speaker of the House possesses. Majorities simply cannot work their will the way they can in the House'?

  • Sinclair
  • Harris
  • Shafer
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2. Who says that 'no one on the floor can be expected to "internalise the externalities" of the majority' as it is in no one's interests to act on behalf of the floor because everyone has partisan and personal interests to protect?

  • Cox and McCubbins
  • Wawro and Schlicker
  • Krehbiel

3. Which speaker played a more active role in committee activities than any other Speaker in over eighty years?

  • Gingrich
  • O'Neill
  • Wright

4. Which Speaker has been criticized for having a more negative than positive role in priority setting?

  • McCormack in Nixon's govt
  • McCormack in Johnson's govt

5. Who argues that 'without a fellow partisan in the White House, majority party leaders in Congress have much more freedom and flexibility than they might enjoy under unified government'?

  • Halbach
  • Hodges
  • Bader
  • King


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