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1. Who argues that the House, despite variations in party, committee, seniority and other structures is foremost an institution governed by majority rule?

  • Krehbiel
  • McCubbins
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2. What fraction of all filibusters have happened in the last 30 years?

  • two thirds
  • one quarter
  • one third
  • one half

3. Who argues that Senators are able to negotiate earmarks in their favour and therefore are more likely to toe the party line?

  • Shepsle
  • Shephard

4. Who says ' the Senate majority leader lacks amny of the institutional tools the Speaker of the House possesses. Majorities simply cannot work their will the way they can in the House'?

  • Shafer
  • Sinclair
  • Harris

5. Who says that 'in recent years... the filibuster has been vilified as a primary threat to the ability of the american government to function'?

  • Ring
  • Bell
  • Pepper


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