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1. Who argues that the House, despite variations in party, committee, seniority and other structures is foremost an institution governed by majority rule?

  • Krehbiel
  • McCubbins
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2. Who argues that 'without a fellow partisan in the White House, majority party leaders in Congress have much more freedom and flexibility than they might enjoy under unified government'?

  • Bader
  • King
  • Halbach
  • Hodges

3. Who says that 'the speakership - its power, style and role - is variable over time'?

  • Shafer
  • Harris
  • Sinclair

4. Who asserts that an opposition leader 'would be hard put to it to find anyone with a claim to national party leadership superior to his own' in a divided government?

  • Ralph Huitt
  • Ralph Bader

5. What percentage of House incumbents running in 2012 won re-election?

  • 84%
  • 94%
  • 91%
  • 81%


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