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2. What fraction of all filibusters have happened in the last 30 years?

  • one half
  • two thirds
  • one third
  • one quarter

3. Who uses the term filibuster to refer to any set of actions taken by a Senator or group of Senators to 'intentionally delay or prevent any measure, nomination or procedural activity from taking place'?

  • Wawro and Schlicker
  • Rorwo and Splocker

4. Which recent Congress exhibited the exact conditions described in conditional party government?

  • 105th
  • 104th
  • 102nd
  • 103rd

5. Which president said 'Congress is like a whiskey drinker... you have to feed it slowly otherwise it will reject it'?

  • LBJ
  • JFK
  • Nixon
  • FDR


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