Conformity - Asch's experiment

solomon Asch - Conformity experiment

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what did Asch say was the main problem with Sherif's conformity experiment?
No correct answer to the ambiguous auto kinetic experiment
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when did Asch carry out his experiment?
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What was the aim of the experiment?
to see how much social pressure from a majority group could affect a person to conform.
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Where was it carried out?
a lab
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how many participants?
50 male students plus confederates
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how many confederates where used per test?
7 confederates with 1 participant
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How did the procedure work?
The Confederates agreed the letters which they would say, the participant walked in, they got asked which line matched the diagram. they went along the line to see if the participant would conform
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hw many trials were there in total?
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how amny times did the confederates give the wrong answer?
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What perentage of people were conformed?
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over the 12 trials how many conformed at least once?
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What did people say in an interview afterwards?
they did not really believe their conforming answers, but had gone along with the group for fear of being ridiculed or thought "peculiar"
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Name the 2 reasons people conform?
normative influence & informational influence.
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what is normative influence
where you change to fit in with the group
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what is informational influence
where you change because you believe the group is better informed than they are
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Name a problem with the sample used?
biased - all male students from the same age group
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How does this effect its validity?
cant be generalised and lacks population validity
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The experiment is artificial...what does this mean?
its not a real life situation
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how does this effect the validity?
can't be generalised and lacks ecological validity
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Name two ethical issues with this experiment
Protection from harm, deception.
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name a problem with when the experiment was conducted?
in the 50's individualism was frowned upon and so people may have been more likely to go with a majority
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Name a study that contradicts Asch's
Perrin & Spencer
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when did Asch carry out his experiment?



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