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2. standard conditions

  • 25c, 25atm, 1moldm
  • 25c, 1atm, 1moldm
  • 200c 1atm, 1moldm

3. fermentation of glucose

  • 37c and yeast catalyst
  • high temperature and pressure
  • yeast catalyst and high temperature and pressure

4. what conditions is needed for a primary alcohol to oxidise into an aldehyde

  • heat under distillation and acidified dicromate
  • heat under reflux and acidifeied dicromate
  • heat under distilation and H2SO4
  • heat under reflux and H2SO4

5. conditions of haber process

  • 500atm and 400-500c
  • 200atm and 400-500c
  • 150atm and 500c
  • 500atm and 200c


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