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how many british colonies were there?
13 colonies
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what did each colony have?
governor, legislature and a judiciary
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when was war of independence?
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decleration of independence?
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when were articles of confederation written?
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how many states ratified art of confed?
13 ratified, set up a loose confederacy of indepen states, no executive, judicary
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when was philidelphia conven?
1787, 55 delegates, 12 states, except rhode island and 4 months
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hamilton believed in
feared that without strong executive, few of nation's pressing problems would be solved
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madison believed in
feared a strong executive and over bearing legislature
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new jersey plan wanted
smaller states, state over federal power, unicameral legislature based on equal votes for each state
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virginia plan was
larger states, bicameral legislature, both houses directly elected
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article 1
congress to "coin money" and "declare war", elastic clause [make all laws necessary and proper]
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article 2
singular executive, president chosen indirectly by electoral college
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article 3
established a supreme court
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article 6
court to have the right of umpire of the constitution implied in 'supremecy clause' of article 6
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lower house elected
directly - article 1 section 2
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senate elected by
state legislatures - article 1 section 3
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president elected by
electoral college
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attempted presidential impeachment
andrew johnson 1866, bill clinton 1999
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22nd amendment
president limited to two terms
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14th amendment
1868, extended due process of bill of rights to slaves
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how many amendments?
17 since 1791
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which was the only time the state constitutional convention used?
21st amendment
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when were the bill of rights?
ratified 1791
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what is limited government?
government would only do what is essential, leaving citizens rights untouched
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8 checks legislative has on the executive
amend/delay legis, override veto, declare war, power of purse, ratify treaties, confirm appiont, invest, impeachmentr
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judiciary on the legislature
impeachment, propose constituional amendment
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executive on legislature
recomment legis, veto legislation
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how many proposed constitutional amendments during clinton?
17 between 1993-2001. both republicans controlled houses
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did they agree to any?
house agreed to a balanced budget amendment 1995 and flag desecration 1995, 97,99
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what did senate say?
senate disagreed to all, thus they werent passed
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how many attempts at amendments during bush?
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when was the federal execuitve dpt for commerce and labour formed?
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what was the 14th amendment?
due process and equal protections provision
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what was significant?
for the first time constituion amended to propose prohibitions directly on state gov
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what did 16th amendment do
allowed federal gov to impose an income tax
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dual federalism
1780s-1920s. STATE MOST POWER. federal limited to money and peace.
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co-operative federalism
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new federalism
20th century
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what did each colony have?


governor, legislature and a judiciary

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when was war of independence?


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decleration of independence?


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when were articles of confederation written?


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