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A general quiz on different types of so

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1. The primary function of the CPU is to...?

  • Process instructions and control the computer
  • To display information and data on a screen
  • Control the flow of power
  • To store data in the main memory for programs
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2. What interface would be best used in an ATM?

  • Menu
  • WIMP
  • Dialogue
  • Forms

3. What does GUI stand for?

  • Generic User Interface
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Granny's Ultimate Interface
  • General User Interface

4. What type of memory is fastest?

  • Memory Stick
  • Cache
  • Hard Drive
  • RAM

5. What does the kernel do?

  • Used to start up and close down programs
  • Transfers temporary data from programs to physical or virtual memory
  • To control the mathematical functions in the computer
  • Used to start-up and shut-down the computer


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