Computer Science

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1. What is a form?

  • a field.
  • an interface that allows a user to have access to the data stored. It makes it possible for manipulations such as data entry, modification and even retrieval. Forms have direct access to the table used to store information.
  • a table.
  • a record.
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2. What is a Query?

  • A query is a field.
  • A query is a report.
  • A request for information from a database which matches a set of criteria.
  • A query is a form.

3. What is Validation?

  • Validation is voldemort
  • Validation is verification.
  • Validation aims to make sure that data is sensible, reasonable, complete and within acceptable boundaries.
  • Validation is a vampire.

4. What is Verification?

  • Verification is a wizard.
  • Verification is frodo baggins.
  • Verification means to check that the data on the original source document is identical to the data that you have entered into the system or object document.
  • Verification is validation.

5. What is the definition of a Field?

  • A field is a patch of grass.
  • A field stores tables.
  • A field is ONE piece of data or information about a person or thing.
  • A field is where records are stored.


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