Computer Science

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1. What is Validation?

  • Validation is a vampire.
  • Validation aims to make sure that data is sensible, reasonable, complete and within acceptable boundaries.
  • Validation is verification.
  • Validation is voldemort
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2. What is a report?

  • a record.
  • a document (paper or electronic) that presents data in an easy-to-read, professional format.
  • a field.
  • a table.

3. What is the definition of a Field?

  • A field is ONE piece of data or information about a person or thing.
  • A field stores tables.
  • A field is where records are stored.
  • A field is a patch of grass.

4. What is Verification?

  • Verification is frodo baggins.
  • Verification is validation.
  • Verification means to check that the data on the original source document is identical to the data that you have entered into the system or object document.
  • Verification is a wizard.

5. What is a Query?

  • A query is a field.
  • A request for information from a database which matches a set of criteria.
  • A query is a form.
  • A query is a report.


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