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Describe main features of the Graphical User Interface.
WIMP Environment
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First feature
Wndows- each window represent an application. can open more than one simultaneously.
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Second feature
Icons- graphical symbols, shortcuts, represents applications. To open an application, click on icon.
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third feature
Menus- presents user with a series of options. click on menu option to select. can either be drop down or pull up.
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fourth feature
Pointer- on screen controlled by the mouse, curser can move around the screen to allow you select windows, icons and menus.
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Explain what is meant by a library.
a collection of commonly used functions and sub programs. function would be a mathematical operation a sub program would be saving your file onto a disc.
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Advantages of a library?
related private functions are stored in the same location. time is saved by programmer. subroutines contained in library have been tested and reliably work.
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What is the IDE and what does it do?
it is known as the Integrated Development Environment. it provides programs with various tools that are needed to create programs. all stages in the creation are completed in one application.
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What is system restore/rollback?
when data has been lost or corrupted it can be restored with an earlier back up copy.
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What is disk defragmentation?
file has split into different parts stored in different locations on the hard drive. It slows down the process of loading a file. Defragmentation is the process of physically rearranging the file parts on the hard drive. speeds up loading.
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What is the control panel?
gives the user control over hardware and software features. Display settings can be changed, printer can be added from the same location.
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What is virus protection?
Anti-virus software, loaded into memory when computer is running. It monitors systems for virus infections. Each virus has own unique signatures . It scans data stored on computer if signature are attached.
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What is the firewall?
can be hardware or software security system. Montors incoming and outgoing network traffic. Packets of data are analysed to ensure they meet strict rules. Contains pre-defined rules.
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What is meant by a computer virus?
a computer program that can replace itself onto other programs with the intention of damaging data.
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What is word processing?
computer program used for storing, manipulating and formatting text.
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Typical use for word processing
typing a letter
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What are spread sheets?
computer program used for organizing and analysing numerical data in tabular form.
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Typical use for spread sheets
modelling household budget
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What is a presntation?
computer program used to display information in the form of a slide show
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typical use for a presentation
presenting a new idea to management
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What is a database?
computer program that stores a comprehensive collection of related data
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typical use for a database
gas company storing costumer records
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What is drawing?
computer program used for producing and editing digital images
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typical use for drawing
creating a company logo
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What is the operating system?
Manages hardware and software resources, provides a user interface, loaded by boot-strapping process.
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What are the commonly used Operating System?
windows, I.O.S, Android, Linux, MacOSX.
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How does the O.S controls hard+software resources?
the software application makes a request to the O.S for a service e.g save/print a file. a response will then be sent from server. the OS handles and controls input and output devices by using software called drivers.
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Wndows- each window represent an application. can open more than one simultaneously.

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