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2. Once you have brought software/music/a film what does copyright forbid you to do.

  • Gift it to a friend
  • Make a copy and sell it
  • Use it when others are around.
  • Delete or bin it.

3. Which of these is a factor of digital divide?

  • Internet provider.
  • Money
  • Access to power.
  • Access to water.

4. What is an offense under the computer misuse act?

  • Using someone else computer because yours is broken.
  • Using someone elses mobile phone with their permission.
  • Accessing someones computer material without permission.
  • Helping someone to correct their work after they ask.

5. What does an IP address identify?

  • Where you are.
  • Your location on a network.
  • Where you live.
  • Where your computer is.




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