Comprehension Test 2

Grain Way Station

It was in the summer of 1940 and we were ready to evacuate my place at London. The whole Liverpool Street were leaving from their homes, as they were like animals leaving from their beloved family. I didn't want to leave my family but I was in a fix. I had no choice. However, my BFFs were accompanying with me in the evacuation, which made my fear banish away.

BANG! BANG! I could hear plethora Luftaffe planes in the drab sky ; the Battle of Britain has started.

" RUN! " I shouted loudly.

Adrenaline came rushing to my body ; I shivered and I thought many questions : Would Hitler kill me? Would I be safe? How?

There was a vista of the Liverpool Street Station. That's when me and my friend took the train. We didn't know where we were going : we just took a random train. Hopefully it will go to a place where there's no war in England. What if it didn't?

The train came to a grinding halt. It has arrived. Thankfully, there was no war at this place. But where were we? It could be an isolated place - nobody knows! There came a station board. It said : Grain Way. Nearest port : Rochester Port. Known for being the world's isolated place with no houses.

" So. This is Grain Way ! " replied Larry, one of my best friend.

I noticed something. The train station was only a few centimetres long. That could be the reason that it's an isolated place. The drab sky became much azure and the sun woke up to the season ; Summer had started.

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1. What is the synonym of plethora?

  • Moderate
  • Few
  • Many
  • Average
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2. Why do you think the writer didn't want to evacuate?

  • He would miss his friends.
  • He didn't want to leave his family.
  • He wanted to stay in London for a long time.
  • The whole family would vanish.

3. What's the synonym of isolated?

  • Squashed
  • Part
  • Seperated
  • Together

4. What's the synonym of vista?

  • Measurement
  • Kilometres
  • View
  • Distance

5. What's the synonym for drab?

  • Dull
  • Violent
  • Blue
  • Lovely


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