Components of memory (9&10)

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1. How do we know that WM is different from LTM?

  • Experiments on normal people, effects of brain damage and introspection
  • Word on the street
  • We don't, its all lies
  • Sensory output, flashbacks and experience from others
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2. What are the three reasons for a separate WM?

  • Introspection, physiology & complex systems
  • Recognition, physiology, introspection
  • Senses, separate is easier to understand, imagery
  • No, one, cares

3. Explain physiology?

  • The anatomy of one's brain associated with memory
  • I'd rather not thank you
  • Something must hold new info while consolidated to LTM= requires protein synthesis
  • Something must hold new info while consolidated to STM

4. What was the traditional view of memory?

  • Einstein-70s: memory cannot be viewed
  • Darwin-60s: two routes of memory
  • Aristotle-50s: single faculty of mind
  • Patient HM: no memory whatsoever m8

5. What are the multiple components in the modern view of memory?

  • Sensory, Working Memory & LTM
  • I D O N T K N O W
  • STM, LTM


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