Complete chemistry C3 quiz

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1. A scaled kettle will mean what?

  • The water takes longer and more energy to boil- the scale acts as a thermal insulator
  • You are less likely to develope certain diseases
  • Your teeth will be in better condition
  • The kettle will stop working immediately
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2. What happens to Halogens (Group 7) as you go down the group?

  • They get lighter in colour and more volatile
  • The get less reactive
  • Nothing
  • They get more reactive

3. Tetsing for negative ions: how do you test for carbonates?

  • Add a dilute acid, pass the gas produced through limewater- if turns cloudy then yes
  • Evaporate the water, if scale produce then yes
  • Add sodium hydroxide, if is dissolves then yes
  • Add nitric acid, if hydrogen produced(squeaky pop test) then yes

4. If you add sodium hydroxide when testing for metal ions, a white precipitate forms, but then redissolves, what ion is present?

  • Copper 2+
  • Calcium 2+
  • Aluminium 3+
  • Ammonia 1-

5. How can you make ethanoic acid?

  • By evaporation
  • By oxidising ethanol
  • By combustion
  • By reducing ethanol


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