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2. Tetsing for negative ions: how do you test for carbonates?

  • Add a dilute acid, pass the gas produced through limewater- if turns cloudy then yes
  • Add sodium hydroxide, if is dissolves then yes
  • Add nitric acid, if hydrogen produced(squeaky pop test) then yes
  • Evaporate the water, if scale produce then yes

3. Methylated spirit/Meths is ethanol with other chemicals added. It is posionous but colourless, so how do we make sure people don't drink it?

  • Red/orange dye
  • Purply-blue dye
  • A strong burnt, smell
  • A plasticy smell

4. Which of these is NOT a property of transition metals?

  • The ions can form colourful compounds
  • Dense, strong and shiny
  • More reactive than Group 1 metals
  • Good conductors of heat and electricity

5. If you add sodium hydroxide when testing for metal ions, a white precipitate forms, but then redissolves, what ion is present?

  • Copper 2+
  • Aluminium 3+
  • Ammonia 1-
  • Calcium 2+


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