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2. How can you make ethanoic acid?

  • By oxidising ethanol
  • By reducing ethanol
  • By combustion
  • By evaporation

3. The salts formed in reactions with carbonates and carboxylic acids end in...?

  • ...anoate
  • ...anol
  • ...ethanoate
  • ...anoic

4. In the Haber process, why is the temperature used higher than the optimum temperature for producing the highest yield of ammonia??

  • Because you do not want to produce solely ammonia
  • Because it increases the rate of reaction, and the reactants are re-used
  • Because it needs a high pressure, which then increases the temperature- there is no control over it
  • Because it saves costs

5. What is washing soda, which can remove both types of hardness, made from?

  • Scum
  • Sodium carbonate
  • Scale
  • Calcium carbonate


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