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2. How do you test for halides?

  • Sense of smell, if plasticy smell produced then yes
  • Add hydrochloric acid, if hydrogen porduced(squeaky pop tess) then yes
  • Add dilute nitric acid followed by silver nitrate solution and test the colour of the precipitate
  • Add silver nitrate solution followed by nitric acid and test colour of precipitate

3. What happens to Halogens (Group 7) as you go down the group?

  • They get lighter in colour and more volatile
  • The get less reactive
  • Nothing
  • They get more reactive

4. The salts formed in reactions with carbonates and carboxylic acids end in...?

  • ...anol
  • ...anoate
  • ...anoic
  • ...ethanoate

5. Fucontional group of carboxylic acids?

  • -OH
  • -COOH
  • -COO-
  • -CH4


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