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2. Which ions cause temporary hardness?

  • Silicon dioxide ions
  • Hydrogencarbonate ions
  • Calcium carbonates ions
  • Sulfur ions

3. Which of these is NOT a property of esters?

  • They don't dissolve in alcohols
  • They are flammable and volatile
  • They often have sweet and fruity smells
  • They don't mix with water

4. Which dissolved ions cause hardness in water?

  • Calcium and Magnesium
  • Magnesium and Aluminium
  • Fluorine and Calcium
  • Aluminium and Fluorine

5. Which of these is NOT a property of transition metals?

  • Good conductors of heat and electricity
  • More reactive than Group 1 metals
  • Dense, strong and shiny
  • The ions can form colourful compounds


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