Complete chemistry C3 quiz

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1. Carboxylic acids with longer chains of carbon atoms can be used to make what?

  • Soaps and detergents
  • Chemicals for treating water
  • Silicon dioxide
  • Polymers
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2. Which of these is NOT a property of the first three alcohols?

  • They react with carbonates to produce a salt and carbon dioxide
  • The react with sodium to form hydrogen and alkoxides
  • They are flammable and burn in air to produce carbon dioxide and water
  • The dissolve in water to form neautral solutions

3. Fucontional group of carboxylic acids?

  • -COOH
  • -CH4
  • -COO-
  • -OH

4. In an alcohol, which part is the functional group?

  • -COO-
  • -OH
  • -COOH
  • H+

5. What happens if you have a flammable vapour and a naked flame?

  • A flash fire
  • The air can burn
  • A chemical reaction
  • An explosion


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