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Dynamic equilibrium
The balanced state of a system when its inputs and outputs are equal.
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The physical features of an area of land,
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The type of rock
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The shape of the earth's surface
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The movement of people to caostal areas
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Sea Change
The Austrailian term for coastalisation with the sense of people moving to small coastal towns for the improved lifestyle and low house prices.
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Inward migration
The movement of people from one area of a country to another.
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An industry that can be sited in a number of places, often because transport costs are good.
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Coastal squeeze
A situation where the coastal margin is squeezed between the fixed landward boundary and rising sea level
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Individuals, groups or organisations that have an interest in the development or outcomes of a particular project. They may be involved financially or emotionally
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Land reclamation
The process where land is substantially improved or made available for some use
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Advance the line
A strategy to move the defence of an area seaward of its existing position
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Do nothing
Carry out no coastal defence activity except for safety measures
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Hold the line
A strategy to continue hold the line of defence where it is
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Retreat the line
A strategy to encourage the movement of the shoreline landward of its present position in a managed or controlled manner.
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The mouth of a large river where it meets the sea
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A flooded or drowned river valley formed at the end of the last ice age as glaciers melted
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Salt Marsh
Mud flats in esturies and sheltered bays on which vegetation has grown
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Liquid waste from a refinery
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Plant succession
The gradual evolution of a series of plants within a given area. They occur in a roughly predictable order.
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The artificial enrichment of water by fertiliser or sewage
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Without oxygen
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Container port
A place where goods are imported and exported in large metal containers, which are then transferred between ships, lorries and trains.
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The distance that the sea wave has travelled from its beginning to the coast where it breaks
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A long series of ocean waves, generally produced by wind, and lasting after the wind has ceased
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Destructive Waves
A plunging wave with a short wavelength, high frequency and high crest. Weak swash and strong backwash.
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Enclosed seas
A sea connected to another sea or the ocean by a narrow outlet
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Longshore drift
The movement of sand and shingle along the coast
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Hydraulic action
The force of water within a stream or river
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Cliff -foot erosion
Caused by wave action at the base
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Sub-aerial processes
Affect the cliff face
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The grinding away of bedrock by fragments of rock
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The process of rock fragments being broken down into smaller fragments
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Mass movement
Movement of fine weathered material downsloap by gravity
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Physical weathering
Mechanical action e.g. freeze-thaw
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Biological weathering
As seedlings germinate, fine roots find their way into cracks in the rock, as they grow, it enlarges the cracks.
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Chemical weathering
Acids dissolve into rock weakening them
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A mass movement where rovk and soil move downwards along a concave face.
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Hard engineering
Involves structures built along the coast, usually at the base of a cliff or on a beach, e.g. sea walls groynes and revetments
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Soft engineering
Designed to work with natural processes in a coastal system to tyr to manage and prevent erosion
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