Competition and Pest control 4.4

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Types of competition
Intraspecific - Between individuals of the same species ........................................ Interspecific - Between individuals of different species
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What is a niche
The role in a community that a population carries out. Two species can't occupy the same niche long term.
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How do pests cause damage (5)
Feeding on crops/animals, Competing with crops for resources, Causing disease in crops, Making infection via pathogen more likely, Spoiling tranferred/stored food
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What is the economic injury level
When pest numbers cause so much damage it is worthwhile controlling the pest
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Types of control (3)
Chemical, Biological, Integrated
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Chemical control - Explain
Control using pesticides. E.g. Herbicides, Fungicides, Insecticides. Sprayed onto crops/animals or put in animal feed.
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Ideal features of an insecticide
Specific, non-accumulative (DDT accumulated and was persistant in the enviroment). Overuse has resulted in resistance in many insect species.
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Chemical control - advantages
Effective, Quick and Cheap, Can be small scale, Doesn't require high skill level
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Chemical control - disadvantages
Not specific (can eradicate beneficial insects), Resistance, Kill animals by contaminating food source, Long term over-exposure can damage humans
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Biological control - Overview
Interspecific competition between predator and prey. Keeps pest level under economic damage threshold
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Biological control - What is the term of regulating predator and prey oscillations
Negative feedback - Predators kill prey, Prey numbers drop, Predators suffer lack of food, Predator number drops, Less predation, Pest number rises...
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Why not completely eradicate the pest?
No food source for predator which would die out or turn to another food source. If pests re-invade they could increase past the economic threshold quickly.
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Biological control - Advantages
Highly specific, Long term control at an equilibrium, Inexpensive in the long-term, No enviromental contamination, Glasshouse use
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Biological control - Disadvantages
Slow response to increased pest numbers, Few successful examples, Expensive start off (research, high skill level), Exotic organisms with unknow effects, Frequent input, Hard large scale, Control agent can become a pest
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Integrated pest control - Explain
Considered the best pest control. Combination of different types of pest control; Biological, pest resistant crops, cultivation techniques, highly selective pesticides.
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What is a niche


The role in a community that a population carries out. Two species can't occupy the same niche long term.

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How do pests cause damage (5)


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