Community cohesion keywords :)

Community cohesion keywords :) 

1. What does community cohesion mean?

  • A common vision and shared sense of community for all groups in society
  • treating people less favourable because of their race
  • being friends with your neighbours
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2. What does prejudice mean?

  • believing that one race is superior to an other
  • Treating someone unfavourably because of their ethnicity/ gender/ colour/ age
  • believing some people are inferior or superior to others without even knowing them
  • Pride

3. Multi Faith society

  • Many different races living together in one society
  • Many different religions living together in
  • being friends with people from different religions

4. Religious Pluralism

  • Accepting all religions to have a equal right to coexist
  • The right to practice your own religion
  • the right to build any religious building you chose

5. True or false, a multi faith marriage is when two people from different countries get married

  • False
  • True




Thanks for this quiz, its really useful!!

Miss KHP


Well combined questions and answers. Easy to understand and a good way to test your knowledge. The timer allows you to have an exam feel. 

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