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Quiz includng key A2 concepts and themes such as feminism, postcolonialism, postmodernism, Marxism, market liberalism, objects of desire and fictions.

1. Complete the postmodernist statement: 'Modern culture is so _____ and _____.'

  • Technological and Contemporary
  • Meaningless and Meaningful
  • Fragmented and Diverse
  • Competative and Greedy
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2. Which one of these is a postcolonialist concept?

  • Suffragettes
  • Tolkenism
  • Implosion
  • Heterogeneity

3. Who came up with the idea of the 'Subaltern': A minority group that is outside of the hegemonic block or pushed to the margins of society.

  • Roland Barthes
  • Edward Siad
  • Antonio Gramsci
  • Friedrich Nietzsche

4. What is the correct definition of 'narrative'?

  • Concerned with how we understand the world.
  • The way in which a text positions the reader.
  • How meanings are structured as stories.
  • The underlying 'voice' of a text interpretted by the author.

5. Which of these theories belongs to Naomi Wolf?

  • The Beauty Myth: The media attacks women's bodies by representing impossible idea selves to aspire towards.
  • The Queer Theory: Rejects the idea that sex is biological and attacks the binary opposites of men/women gay/straight. Identity is fluid and dynamic.
  • The Female Eunuch: Claimed that women are not 'free' in society, but were oppressed and exploited both consciously and unconsciously by men.
  • The Male Gaze: Involved the example of Bond films. Argued that the passive, sexualised and objectified representation of women ecouraged both men and women to look at women as passive, sexual objects.


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