Communication the media and early years

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1. What was the original intention of the internet according to Berners-Lee (1999)?

  • “The idea was not just that it should be a big browsing medium. The idea was that everybody would be putting their ideas in, as well as taking them out.”
  • “The idea was for the internet to be used as a large browsing medium.”
  • “A way for the lay person to obtain credible information from academics in various different people.”
  • “A method for people to keep in touch with each other.”
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2. Research by Trevarthen and Murray 1993 evidenced that?

  • Babies are aware of adult’s non-verbal cues through facial expressions
  • Babies can effectively communicate with care givers
  • Babies are unaware of adult’s non-verbal cues through facial expressions
  • Babies cannot communicate effectively with care givers

3. What is Dysarthia?

  • Difficulty using muscles in the throat, mouth, tongue and larynx
  • Difficulty coordinating muscles to make sounds or syllables
  • Willingness to speak in a limited number of situations but refusal to speak in others
  • Difficulty swallowing

4. Human communication is?

  • 86% body language and 14% words
  • 93% words and 7% body language
  • 93% body language and 7% words
  • 95% body language and 5% words

5. Who argues that the brain has an inbuilt facility for language development described as a language acquisition device?

  • Piaget
  • Chomsky
  • Skinner
  • Bruner


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