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2. Who states that “communication is central to all interactions between people. This includes encounters between agencies that provide welfare and support, between professional practitioners and between professionals and service users seeking support”?

  • Whitfield cited by Doel and Sawdon
  • Whitfield cited by Dunhill, Elliot and Shaw
  • Bercher cited by Doel and Sawdon
  • Tuckman cited by Dunhill, Elliot and Shaw

3. Name an example of mass communication?

  • A receipt
  • A poster
  • The media
  • An essay

4. Who states that “communication…isn’t just about facts it is also about emotions, attitudes and beliefs”?

  • Boyd and Belle
  • Bertcher
  • Dimbleby and Burton
  • Lindon

5. Messages are rarely?

  • Provoking
  • Misunderstood
  • Neutral
  • Argumentative


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