commercialisation of elite sport.

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what are the two main ways sport is commercialised through the media today? (1)
TV and Newspaper
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What is the Golden Triangle? (1)
Sport, media and business.
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Why do companies invest in sport? (4)
1. the sponsers name is given publicity. 2. Sponser is associated with supporting the community or country. 3. reduces the amount of tax the company has to pay. 4. a link is developed between product and performer.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of sponsorship. (4)
adv = sport promoted through extra publicity, improved facilities, extra money allows sport to take a more professional approach. disadv = associated with product, sponsor has control of the sport, sport may rely on sponsers.
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What do sponsors think about before sponsoring a team? (4)
1. success of team 2. popularity of sport 3. media coverage 4. participation levels.
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Who recieves sponsorship? (2)
events, governing bodies, stadiums, professional teams or individuals
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Ethical aspects of sponsorship positive and negative (4)
pos = promotes individual/team, develops facilities, increased media neg = sponsor can give sport bad name, sponsor can be controlling, only want high profile individuals or teams.
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What is the ISS (3)
the institute of sports sponsorships. it is a non profit group with links to sport england. aim to = bring sport and sponsor together and ensure that companies recieve a fair return on their investment.
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Characteristics of sports that attract the media (4)
Skill, strength and fitness, matched competition, easy rules, reasonable time scale.
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Effects of media coverage on sport? (4)
1. excitment is maximised 2. can become controlling as want maximum tv audience so change times of games. 3, men tend to control media, 4. sport has adapted for Tv e.g coloured shirts.
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How has media coverage affected performers?
media focus on individuals so performers much entertain to achieve marketability. This also means the personal life of the performer is intruded as this is often seen as more interesting.
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Does media give a true picture of a sport?
games tend to be quite long so are highlighted which can give a bias report and Tv can deliberately over exagerate an incident to increase veiwing.
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For and against TV coverage? (4)
+ = information service, entertainment, increased role models. against = minority sports suffer, boredom, limits participation to certain sports.
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Explain the technological developments in one sport? (3)
Football = kits developed 2. artifical pitches to use all year, 3, equiptment = lightweight.
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Explain a criticism of technology is sport? (1)
slows downt the speed of the game due to replays to make the decision.
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What is the aim of using technology in sport? (2)
increase speed, gives a competitive edge and spectator intrest.
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What is the Golden Triangle? (1)


Sport, media and business.

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Why do companies invest in sport? (4)


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Advantages and Disadvantages of sponsorship. (4)


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What do sponsors think about before sponsoring a team? (4)


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