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What is combustion
Oxygen is needed and energy is produced
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What is complete combustion
Plenty of oxygen reacts with our fuel to provide lots of energy
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Equation for complete combustion
Hydrogen + plenty of oxygen —> carbon dioxide +water.
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When is complete combustion seen
When a Bunsen burner has an open airhole
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Equation for methane
CH4 + 202 —> CO2 + 2H2O
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Equation for ethene
C2H4 + 3O2 —> 2CO4 + 2H2O
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Equation for butane
C4H10 + 6.5O2 —> 4CO2 + 5H2O
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Equation for ocetene
C8H16 + 12O2 —> 8CO + 8H2O
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What is incomplete combustion
This occurs when there is a shortage of oxygen
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Equation for incomplete combustion
Hydrogen + little oxygen —> carbon monoxide and/or carbon + water
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When is incomplete combustion seen
when a bunsen burner has a closed airhole - less heat and flame produces heat
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what are the problems with incomplete combustion
carbon is toxic, haemoglobin attach to carbon strongly. so less oxytgen can be taken into the body and respiration of cells, tissues and organs are affected
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problems with burning fuels
-makes CO2(greenhouse gas) -avoid rain
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one way acid rain is made
formed from burning fuels. Sulphur is an impurity in some fuels. It burns because fuel burns forming sulphur dioxide (SO2) which reacts in atmposphere and dissolves in water vapour to form acid rain
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second way acid rain is formed
an engine is hot enough for for Ne to rweact with O2 forming nitrous oxides - NO2. these dissolv to for m nitric acid - acid rain
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problems with acid rain
soil acidic- plants/crops cant grow, damages plants/trees irritates skin, damage to marine life- lakes, chemical erosion of buildings/statues- particulary metal, marble, limestone
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What is complete combustion


Plenty of oxygen reacts with our fuel to provide lots of energy

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Equation for complete combustion


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When is complete combustion seen


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