cold war topic 4- how the superpowers became rivals(1945-49)

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what date was the Yalta conference?
february 1945
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who was at Yalta?
stalin, roosevelt,churchill
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when was potsdam?
August 1945
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who was at Potsdam?
stalin, truman, attlee
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disagreements at yalta?
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agreements at potsdam?
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when was the atomic bomb dropped?
august 1945 (Hiroshima and Nagasaki)
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communism is....
one party state, state control,state ownership, equality
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effects of atomic bomb were...
mass loss of life, end of WW2, global fear,arms race,tension
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the iron curtain
quoted by churchill in a speech in missouri 1946 talking about the divide between East/West Europe
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soviet expansion
Twenty million Russians died during the Second World War, so Stalin said he wanted a buffer zone of friendly states around Russia to make sure that Russia could never be invaded again
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when did countries change
1945-Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia
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truman doctrine
1947- ideology to contain communism and stop it from spreading
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marshall plan
1947- result of truman doctrine, George Marshall visited Europe and found they owed $11.5 billion so USA invested $17 billion as they believed communism thrived on poverty
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Berlin Blockade
24th june 1948 Stalin cut of 2 million population from vital supplies
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USA air lifted supplies for 11 months
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1949- North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
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Warsaw Pact
1955- Eastern alliance
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what was comecon
trade organisation between eastern countries
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what was cominform
coordinated eastern european governments
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who was at Yalta?


stalin, roosevelt,churchill

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when was potsdam?


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who was at Potsdam?


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disagreements at yalta?


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