Cold war in Asia - Korea

Where was Korea split ?
38th parrallel
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Name three reasons why the USA entered the war?
Prevent the spread of communism, protect Japan and learn from history.
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When did the North Korean army march south?
25th June 1950 - September
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How large was the north Korean army?
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What happened within three days of the northern invasion?
Seoul was overrun
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By the end of July the whole of the south was invaded by the north apart from where?
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What is roll back?
Pushing back communist territories
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What happened in October 1950?
The UN mad a resolution to support backed the USA's advance into Korea
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How did the US manipulate the system of the UN to get its way in rollback?
They had originally used the security council of the UN to get UN backing in Korea, but when the USSR joined the Security Council they instead took complaints to the General Assembly.
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Why did policy change in autumn 1950?
After Inchon most Americans and South Koreans consider stopping at the 38th parallel ridiculous. Rhee and MacArthur wanted to reunify Korea. McCarthyism made Truman need to prove he was anti-communist
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What was the NSC 81 and what did it allow/limit?
It was a policy document that stated that MacArthur could invade across the 38th parallel but they must not get near Chinese and Soviet borders, instead making sure that civilian troops went towards the borders.
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How did MacArthur provoke Chinese intervention?
His theory of rollback meant that he was getting closer to the Chinese border, now a communist country. He also threatened the security of the Taiwan Straight.
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Why did Truman dismiss MacArthur?
MacArthur disobeyed Truman and complained about him. he wanted to use atomic weapons but was not allowed.
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What diminished MacArthur's power?
The influence of Ridgeway and the retreat of 1950
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Who was Ridgeway?
Army's chief of staff in 1950
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How did Ridgeway have a positive effect on the army and take MacArthur's place?
He was liked because of his caring attitude. He kept the officers on their toes. He made the army move forward again with his well-prepared plan. He was well liked, and so took MacArthur’s place as he had gained much recognition.
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What was the main issue that led to MacArhtur's dismissal?
Truman was to discuss peace because of the stalemate.No one was to make a statement.MacArthur issued a communique that insulted China, saying that they were to face imminent military collapse. This ruined Truman’s plans.
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How did MacArthur's actions impact Truman?
Made him seem weak
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When was the stalemate?
1951 - 1953
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Between June 1950 - March 1951 how many times had Seoul changed hands?
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Why was there reluctance to fight?
Both sides appeared equally matched
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What did General Matt Clark want to do?
Use atomic weapons
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What happened in December 1950?
UN posed peace talks
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What were China's terms for agreeing to peace talks?
. China would only agree of the US and UN forces left Korea, the US 7th fleet left the Taiwan Strait and if Communist China obtained the UN seat for China, currently held by Jiang Jieshi in Taiwan.
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When was China denounced as an aggressor by the UN?
1951 February
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What did the failure of the spring 1951 offensive effect?
helped to prompt China to request an armistice in June 1951. They modified their terms and only wanted the majority of US troops to leave Korea. Both sides wanted peace.
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One reason why the USA wanted peace so much?
The war was expensive, and Eisenhower knew that it was damaging government finances.
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Why did the north want peace?
Kim Il Sung was aware of food shortages in the North
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When was the Korean armistice signed?
July 1953
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Why did it take so long to sign the Korean peace treaty?
Neither side wanted to give the other an advantage. For example in June 1951 both the Americans and the Chinese issued statements calling for peace. The Chinese suggested laying down weapons before talking about peace but the USA did not trust them
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How was peace finally achieved?
The change of leadership helped. Stalin died, and Eisenhower overtook negotiations from Truman. They did not start the war so had less to lose.
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What agreement did Eisenhower make with Rhee to help end the war?
Eisenhower bought off Syngman Rhee, promising to offer financial aid and to help defend the south. However, only if they did not stack the north first.
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What did Eisenhower threaten to do?
Use atomic weapons
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Who led to Bandung conference?
Nehru – Indian Prime Minister
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Who was at the Bandung conference?
Independent countries in nationalist movements in Africa and Asia sent representatives to Indonesia. Burma, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and Pakistan were the moving force behind the conference. 29 countries
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What were the five principles agreed on at the Bandung conference?
Sovereignty Independence Equality Non-aggression Non-interference in the affairs of other relations
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Who did China sign a trade agreement with at Bandung?
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Name three reasons why the USA entered the war?


Prevent the spread of communism, protect Japan and learn from history.

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When did the North Korean army march south?


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