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What was the point of Yalta and Potsdam
To decide what would happen to Europe after the war, and how Germany would be divided
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Who met at the Yalta conference?
Stalin, Roosevelt + Churchill
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Who met at the Potsdam Conference?
Stalin, Truman + Atlee
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What was decided at Yalta?
To split Germany into 4 zones of occupation, To allow free elections in Eastern European countries. Russia promised to join the war against Japan when Germany was defeated
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What was decided at Potsdam?
Stalin wanted more repatreations. Truman came away angry at the fact a communist government was being built in Poland. Truman didnt tell Stalin he had the atomic bomb. Disagreements on the size of the zones in Germany.
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Difference between Stalin and Truman?
Stalin was communist. Truman was capitalist. Both leaders saw their opposites as the poision of the world.
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Why did Russia want to weaken Germany?
So it could create a buffer zone around it and be protected from any further wars
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Why did the USA want to recover Germany?
So it could make it a trading partner again
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When did Stalin Die?
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Who took over from Stalin?
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What was the Warsaw pact?
A group of Communist powerws that came together to help protect each other in 1955 - Like NATO
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What was the 'Sphere of Influence'?
The term for the influence that it was agreed Russia could have over Eastern Europe
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How did communism take over?
Controlling the armies, setting up secret police and creating fear around the areas
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What happened by 1949?
All governments of Eastern Europe except Yugoslavia had communist regimes
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What did Churchill state in 1946?
A 'Iron Curtain' had come down across Europe - communism had to be stopped
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What was set up in 1947?
Comintern - a group of communist countries
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What was the Truman Doctrine?
Basically a promise from Truman to stop the spread of communism
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What was Marshall Aid/Plan?
The offer of money from the USA to help any countries that were under the treat of turning communist. The money would help them stay afloat
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What did American, Britain and france do with their section of Germany?
Put it together and created West Germany
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When did the allies split Germany?
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When was West Germany created?
June 1948
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When did Stalin cut all rail and road routes to West Berlin?
June 24th
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How long did the blockade last?
318 days
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How did supplies get to west berlin?
The allies flew them in by plane - a plane landed every 3 minutes
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when did the blockade get abandoned?
29th May 1949
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When was NATO set up?
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Why did stalin shut the border between the east + west and build the berlin wall?
Because 20000 people were escaping to the west every day
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When did Stalin shut the border between east and west for good?
13th August
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Who overthrew Batista?
Fidel Castro
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Why didnt America like castro?
He was communist
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When did the bay of pigs take place?
17th April 1961
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What happened at the bay of pigs?
The exiles got destroyed and lost the battle easily
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Who fought in the bay of Pigs?
Cuban exiles trained by the CIA
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When did Castro ask for his weapons from Russia?
September 1961
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When were the missiles put in to Cuba?
The Americans found them in October 1962
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When did the USA put missiles in Turkey?
April 1962
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What was Kennedy's first step in the missile crisis?
Put a blockade in place to stop missiles getting there
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What happened at the vital moment of the crisis?
A U2 spyplane was shot down over Cuba
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What happened to the ships heading for Cuba?
They turned round
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What did Kruschev send Kennedy?
A telegram offering to remove the missiles for removal of the blockade and a promise not to invade Cuba again
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What did the second telegram contain?
A demand for the removal of missiles in Turkey
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How did the crisis end?
kennedy accepted the 1st telegram in public and the 2nd in Private
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What happened after the crisis?
both presidents scared themselves and so in 1963 a telephone hotline was set up. In 1963 the nuclear test ban treaty was signed. In 1968 the non prolifereation treaty was signed
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Who met at the Yalta conference?


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Who met at the Potsdam Conference?


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