Cold War 1970-1991

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Causes of Detente
arms race was expensive, USA tried to end Vietnam War to gain better relations with communism and both superpowers had economic problems as oil prices increased.
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Define SALT 1
agreed to limit nuclear weapons which improved relations as a symbolic gesture of wanting to be more peaceful.
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Define Nixon visits Russia
Made agreements of co operation in economic, cultural and scientific fields. (1975 USA+USSR astronauts shook hands in space in Outer Space Treaty).
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Define the Helsinki Agreement
forced on security, human rights+co operation. Improved economic growth, trading and working together.
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Define SALT 2
agreed to limit further ICBMs+SIBMs. But did not process as Soviets invaded Afghanistan.
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Why did the detente collapse?
Afghanistan invaded by Soviets.
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What happened in USSR invasion in Afghanistan 1979?
50,000 USSR troops invaded, Amin murdered+Kamal put into power. When Amin murdered soldiers left to join Mujhadeen+didnt support Kamal. USSR troops used napalm,helicopters,gas. Lasted 10days.
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Consequences of Afghan invasion?
Carter Doc 1980, 1980 Moscow Olympics boycotted and 1984 USSR boycotted LA Olympic Games in return.
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What was the Evil Empire Speech 1981
Reagan stated: communism is without god, its evil and increased tensions.
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What was SDI 1983
to have satellites with lasers that stop missiles reaching USA therefore aimed to make nuclear weapons useless. USSR couldn't compete with SDI plan and they were behind in technology.
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What was the economic reforms put into place in 1985 by Gorbachev
glasnocht- oppeness in censorship. perestroika- ecnomic reform. Published banned books,free speech, released dissidents.
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What happened at Geneva conference 1985
Reagan and Gorbachev reached 6 agreements from economic, cultural and environmental issues.
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What happened at Reykjavik conference 1986 (Iceland)
USSR aimed to limit each countries weapons, USA wanted to eliminate all ballistic missiles by 10 years. INF treaty was drafted and Reagan refused to drop SDI plans.
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What happened in 1987 Washington conference?
USA+USSR want to reduce nuclear weapons, INF treaty signed.
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What happened in 1988 Moscow conference?
USSR aimed for US to remove there troops from Afghanistan which was successful, CFE treaty was signed by NATO+Warsaw Pacts.
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What was the 1987 INF treaty?
superpowers agree to destroy both nuclear and conventional weapons at am immediate range. 1991 over 2500 weapons had been destroyed.
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When did the Berlin Wall fall
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When was the end of the Warsaw Pact
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What was the Sinatra doctrine and when was it?
1989, Gorbachev stated that Warsaw Pact members could make changes to their own countries without soviet interference.
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agreed to limit nuclear weapons which improved relations as a symbolic gesture of wanting to be more peaceful.

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Define Nixon visits Russia


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Define SALT 2


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