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2. An example of human activity in cold environments

  • The Unuits
  • Venuts Grewtchen
  • Falloskians

3. describe solifluction

  • The refreezing of the active layer in the winter causes the soil to contract.
  • As the active layer starts to refreeze, ice crystals begin to develop. They increase the volume of the soil and cause an upward expansion of the soil surface.
  • When the active layer thaws in summer, excessive lubrication reduced the friction between soil particles.
  • Where the permafrost is thin or discontinues, water is able to seep into the upper layers of the ground and then freeze.

4. What is the correct sequence for glacier ice formation?

  • granular snow, snowflake, firn, glacier ice
  • snowflake, granular snow, firn, glacier ice
  • firn, snowflake, granular snow, glacier ice
  • firn, snowflake, glacier ice, graular snow

5. What are the threats to the caribou?

  • drowning because of the loss of ice
  • oil exploration
  • people shooting them


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