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2. what end is downstream?

  • lee
  • stoss
  • strass

3. What are the features of an Alpine glacier?

  • Tese glaciers melt in summer, releasing huge amounts of meltwater. This acts as a lubricant, reducing friction. Temperate glaciers move by basal flow, extending/compressing flow, creep and surges. This type of glacier is more likely to erode,.
  • these glaciers occur in areas where the temperature is permanently below 0°C, and therefore no melting occurs. Movement is slower than in temperate glaciers as they are frozen to their beds and thus move mainly by internal flow.
  • It is in an alpine forest with little movement and very cold temperatures

4. An example of human activity in cold environments

  • Falloskians
  • The Unuits
  • Venuts Grewtchen

5. what do sandurs consist of?

  • sand only
  • chunks of glacier
  • material that was brought down by the glacier
  • water


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