Cold environments

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1. Name the main types of ice movement

  • Compressing and extending flow, basal flow, creep, surges, internal flow and rotational flow
  • basil flow, extensional creep, surgay, outernal flow, rota flow.
  • basil extensions, creeps, surgays, outrotational flow, rotinternal flow.
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2. What is a drumlin

  • an object by the side of the snout
  • A musical instrument
  • an oval shaped hill
  • a series of stratified mounds of material alongside a glacier

3. the effects of wind and water action can be seen in..?

  • esker shapes
  • smooth snow
  • grooved and polished rocks
  • pingos

4. Name an influence on the rate of movement

  • sausages
  • the ocean height
  • permeability of the surface
  • how high the mountain is

5. what is nivation?

  • solifluction
  • rock under a patch of snow is disintegrated
  • screes develop at the foot of slopes as a result
  • a blockfield


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