Cold environments

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1. What is abrasion?

  • is a series of processes that operate under a patch of snow leading to the disintegration of the rock surface.
  • occurs when the material the glacier is carrying rubs away at the valley floor and sides.
  • occurs in areas where temperatures rise during the day but drop below freezing at night for a substantial part of the winter.
  • involves the glacier freezing onto and into rock outcrops.
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2. what is a kame?

  • stratified mounds of material
  • recessional push
  • a band
  • a layer of material

3. what are varves a good indicator of?

  • stream discharge flow rate
  • past climates
  • a glacier size
  • the animals in a stream

4. What is a drumlin

  • a series of stratified mounds of material alongside a glacier
  • an object by the side of the snout
  • an oval shaped hill
  • A musical instrument

5. what can be created from frost heave?

  • stone strips and polygons
  • an esker
  • squares and triangles
  • an irregular permafrost pattern


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