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2. The Stability stage suggests that the child is....

  • Aware of its own gender but confused by external influences and the gender of perhaps others
  • Aware of its own gender, aware of others gender and aware that their gender cannot be influences by external factors
  • Aware of their own gender only and confused by others.

3. The first stage of Kohlbergs theory is called the

  • Identity Stage
  • Stability Stage
  • Consistency Stage

4. Who proposed the Gender schemata theory?

  • Kohlberg
  • Martin and Halverson
  • Martin and Little
  • Martin and Bem

5. What does Martin and Little study suggest?

  • The age at which a child knows about gender is not 18 months but rather it is around 2 and a half years or 7 years when they are fully aware
  • That the information a child needs to have can be basic and rudimentary
  • That Kohlbergs theory is right and a child needs to be in the consistency stage before understanding about their own gender


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