Cognitive Approach

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1. Kelley's Covariation model proposes that we make attributions based on

  • Covariance, distribution and collection
  • Consistency, distinctiveness and consesnus
  • Consistency, directiveness and covariance
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2. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) aims to

  • turn maladaptive, irrational thoughts in to rational thoughts
  • help you look in to your past
  • turn manifest content into latent content

3. Behaviour can be explained by mental processes such as...

  • perception, attention, memory and language
  • deception, attention and memory
  • perception, reaction, memory and language

4. In the multistore model of memory, information follows which path?

  • Sensory, short term, long term, output when needed
  • input, process, output when needed
  • sensory, input, output when needed

5. The mutlistore model of memory was created by

  • Kelley
  • Selye
  • Atkinson and Shriffin
  • Loftus and Palmer


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