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2. What was the process of research into duration?

  • Recalling a number after twenty minutes
  • Counting down from a number then recalling a consonant syllable.
  • How long to remember a list of words
  • How long to remember a digit span

3. What was the research into capacity?

  • Consonant syllables whilst counting
  • Photo recognition
  • Digit span and Chunking
  • lists of words

4. Who carried out research into coding?

  • Baddeley
  • Jacobs
  • Tulving
  • Peterson

5. What is the men capacity of memory?

  • 9.3- digits 7.3-letters
  • 7.3-digits 9.3 -letters
  • 5.3-digits 4.3-letters
  • 5.0- digits 6.3-letters


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