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What is a multi-use coastal area?
an area that is used for more than one thing like environment, reccreational and economic
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what does growth mean?
areas used for business development
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what is prevailling wind?
the dominant wind in an area
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what is a crest
top of a wave
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what is swash
movement of waves up a beach
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what is backwash
movement of water down a beach
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What are subaerial processes
procceses that attack the face and top of a cliff
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What is marine erosion
the wearing away of rocks by the action of the sea
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Wwhat is weathering
breaking down of rocks by action of weather plants or chemical actions
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What is a headland
land that juts out into the sea
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What is hard engineering?
controls power of sea with barriers between the sea and land eg sea walls, groynes and gabions
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What is abrasion?
in storm conditions waves pick up sand and pebbles and hurl them at the cliff face
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What is attrition?
sand and pebbles constantly colliding with each other wearing awat beach material making it smaller and rounder
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What is hydraulic action?
sheer force of waves breaking against a cliff causing parts of cliff to break away
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What is corrosion?
sea water is very corrosive and can slowly increase the size of cracks in chalk and limestone
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What is wetting/drying?
Softer rocks like clay expand when they are wet and contract when they dry out. This can weaken rocks and make them more easily eroded.
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what does growth mean?


areas used for business development

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what is prevailling wind?


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what is a crest


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what is swash


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