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Open System
Has inputs (energy in the form of waves, wind, tides and currents), stores/ components, flows/ transfers and outputs of both energy and matter, which cross the boundary of the system to the surrounding environment.
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Dynamic Equilibrium
When there is an equal balance between both inputs and outputs.
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Positive Feedback
Progressively greater change from the original condition of the system
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Negative Feedback
When the system is returned to the original condition
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Coastal Inputs
Energy (from waves, wind, tides and sea currents) - Sediment - Geology of coastline - Sea Level Change
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Landforms and landscapes- erosional and depositional
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Dissipation of wave energy - Accumulation of sediment above the tidal limit - Sediment removed beyond local sediment cells
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Wave Height
The difference between the crest and the trough of a wave
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Wave Length
The distance between crests
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Wave Frequency
The time lapse between crests
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Function of a wave
A wave enters shallow water > friction with the seabed increases > the wave slows > increases in height > and plunges or breaks onto the shoreline
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The wash of water and sediment up onto the beach
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The drag of water and sediment back down the beach
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Constructive Waves
low, long length (up to 100m), low frequency (6/8 per minute), gentle spill onto the shore. The swash loses volume and momentum, leading to a weak backwash, sediment movement off the beach is low. Material is slowly and gradually moved up the beach.
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Destructive Waves
high, steep, high frequency (10/14 per minute), rapid approach to shoreline, little forward movement of the water,
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Dynamic Equilibrium


When there is an equal balance between both inputs and outputs.

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Positive Feedback


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Negative Feedback


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Coastal Inputs


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