coastal change and conflict

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a stretch of coastline where rock types run parallel to the sea
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a stretch of coastline where rock types run perpendicular to the sea
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hydraulic action
Waves force air into a crack in a cliff, compressing it and widening the crack
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pebbles being carried in the sea smash together, causing erosion
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bits of rock and sand are hurled against cliffs, acting like sand paper
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acid contained in sea water will dissolve some types of rock, such as chalk or limestone
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long shore drift
the transportation of material along a coastline due to wave action
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physical weathering
breakdown of rocks caused by physical changes, such as changes in temperature, freezing and thawing, and the effect of wind and rain
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biological weathering
animals and plants break down rocks
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chemical weathering
minerals in rock may react with naturally acidic rain water
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mass movement
the movement of surface material caused by gravity
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sub-areal processes
land based processes that affect a coastline e.g. weathering and mass movement
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rip rap /rock armour
large boulders piled up on the beach to absorb and deflect the impact of a wave
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a sloping feature which breaks up or absorbs the energy of the wave but may let water and sediment pass through
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a metal cage filled with rocks, stacked to form a simple wall
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beach nurishment
to supliment the natural system by adding lorry loads of sand and shingle to the beach
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integrated coastal zone management
a process bringing together all involved in development, management and use of the coast, to establish the sustainable levels of activities in coastal areas to protect the coastal enviroment.
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a stretch of coastline where rock types run perpendicular to the sea

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hydraulic action


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