Coastal landforms caused by erosion

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Waves erode cliffs to form?
Wave cut platform
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Waves cause more erosion?
at the foot of the cliff
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This form forms?
wave cut notch
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which is?
enlarged as erosion continues
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The rock above the notch becomes?
unstable and eventually collapses
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What happens to the collapsed material?
It is washed away and new wave cut plat form starts to form
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Repeated collapsing results in?
cliff retreating
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A wave cut platform is the platform thats?
left behind as the cliff retreats
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Where do headlands and bays form?
where erosion resistance is different
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Some types of rock are?
more resistant to others
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Headlandss and bays form where they are _____ _____ of resistant and less resistant rock along the coast
alternating bands
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The less resistant rock (___) is eroded quickly and forms a?
clay and forms a gentle slope of a bay
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The resistant rock (___) is eroded more slowly and its left?
jutting out forming a headland-headlands have steep sides
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Headlands are eroded to form?
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Headlands are usually made of?
resistant rocks that have weaknesses like cracks
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Waves crash into the headlands and enlarge?
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hydraulic power and abrasion
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Repeated erosion and enlargement of the cracks cause?
a cave to form
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Continued erosion deepens?
the cave until it breaks through the headland
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This forms? For example?
arch for example Durdle Door
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Erosion continues to wear away the rock supporting the arch until?
it eventually collapses
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This forms a?
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what is a stack?
an isolated rock that is seperate from the headland
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For example?
Old Harry in Dorset
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Waves cause more erosion?


at the foot of the cliff

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This form forms?


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which is?


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The rock above the notch becomes?


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