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2. What is a slide?

  • A slide is where material shifts in a straight line
  • Where material shifts down

3. Explain how stacks are formed.

  • When headlands get eroded, it becomes cracked. As it expands, the crack becomes a cave. Due to further erosion, the cave becomes an arch. Erosion keeps wearing away the rock so the material is unsupported and collapses, leaving a stack.
  • Headlands get eroded until a bit of land is separated from the headland.

4. What is a slump?

  • A slump is where material shifts with a rotation
  • Where material shifts down

5. How is a headland formed? What kind of sides do headlands have?

  • The resistant rock is eroded slowly and is left sticking out, forming a headland. Headlands have steep sides.
  • Shallow/gradient sides


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