clinical neurochemistry

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1. ........... occurs when a diseased blood vessel within the brain bursts, allowing blood to leak inside the brain.

  • intracerebral haemorrage
  • ischemic stroek
  • seizure
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2. atherosis gliosis

  • is a build up of gunk in an artery
  • is a blockage that can be passed in an artery
  • is the surgical term for removal o blockage

3. 80% of intracerebral haemorrage

  • little symptoms
  • no symptoms
  • lots of symptom,s

4. TPA is very useful with a .....stroke as it stops clotting

  • ischemic
  • haemerrgic

5. anti epelipetic drugs

  • decrase membrane excitability
  • increases membrane excitabiliyu
  • keeps the membrame excitability


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