Climate of the British Isles

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How many sections is the UK split into in terms of weather/climate?
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North West
Cold Summers, Mild winters, heavy rain all year round.
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North East
Cool Summers, Cold winters, steady rain all year round.
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South East
Warm summer, mild winters, light rain all year round
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South West
Warm summers, mild winters, heavy rain all year round.
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Sunlight hours
South coast receives 1750hours a year of sunlight
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Daylight hours
Scotland has the shortest days in winter and the longest days in summer.
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Most rainfall in the west
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Average temperatures
Warmer at lower latitudes
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Severe weather
Mostly in Scotland
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What does a temperate maritime climate mean?
The UK has no extreme conditions and is influence by the sea
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Global Position of the uk?
Boarder between Ferrel and Polar cell meaning warm tropical air meets cool polar air leading to unsettled weather
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Seasonal changes in global pressure patterns
The movement of the Jet Stream means in summer high pressure bring settle weather and low pressure in winter brings unsettled weather.
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Seasonal Variations in Sunlights
In summer the sun in higher in the sky leading to warmer temperatures.
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Influences of the sea
being surrounded by the sea means Moisture from the sea caused cloudy wet conditions. The sea also protects the land from extreme changed in temperature.
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Ocean Currents
The gold stream brings warm water and air from across the Atlantic and surrounds the british isles.
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How many air masses influence the UK
6, Polar Maritime, returning polar maritime, artic maritime, tropical continental, tropical wartimes and polar continental.
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North West


Cold Summers, Mild winters, heavy rain all year round.

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North East


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South East


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