Cliff Collapse and Coastal Management: HOLDERNESS

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1. What are sea defenses at Mappleton causing?

  • Villages to disappear
  • Beaches further along the coast are being starved of seidment
  • Spits to form
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2. What direct effect will cliff collapse have on tourists?

  • No one wants to provide for them
  • Holiday caravans collapse into the sea
  • No hotels left

3. How much was spent of putting in large granite blocks to absorb the wave's energy?

  • £1 million
  • £2 million
  • £3 million

4. Where were two rock groynes erected?

  • Mappleton
  • Happisbourgh
  • Castleton
  • London

5. What are the cliffs made out of?

  • Chalk
  • Soft boulder clay
  • Limestone
  • Granite


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